About Carmani

Life truly is exquisite…

In the rush of the day this truth is consigned to oblivion. Carmani will help you to fully savour the gorgeousness of life in a brand-new light.

A company with distinguished tradition, Carmani reacts immediately to modern trends in a world where fashion changes quickly. Short-lived styles become classics for art lovers, most-coveted rarities for serious collectors as well as inspiration for designers. When Henri Cartier Bresso was making his name as a seasoned photographer in Paris, Andy Warhol’s art was all the rage in the Big Apple while Gianni Versace’s style was thriving in Milan. In those days it was very natural for artists to discern the world subjectively and derive inspiration from objects of every day use – this is how the majority of designers affiliated with Carmani set out on their path to perfect art. Those most eager to explore uncharted territory in the sphere of art have left their mark on Carmani products which eventually became to successfully blend fine tradition with ascendant trends. Carmani products, characterized by creative treatment of the living space, often exert a profound impact on the imagination of the modern consumer. No effort is spared to enhance the Carmani line with new ideas.

Carmani products are valued for their intimate character, ingenious workmanship and unparallel attention to detail. The unusual power of expression bestowed on them affects our mood and the way we perceive the world around us in a unique way. The products unveil colours and textures we have failed to notice before, creating an exceptional atmosphere of grandeur and elegance that will appeal to the taste of the most demanding client. The Carmani line of products carries the potential to effectively transform the monotonous patterns of our daily life since our designers are fully aware that even the slightest and supposedly trivial detail found in our immediate surroundings is of great significance for any successful design.

Carmani offers you a novel array of charming pieces of art that harmonize beautifully both
with our natural environment as well as with the modern world we live in. Carmani has come to inspire deep emotions, sparking interest even in those of us who hardly ever take that precious while out of their busy schedules to ponder over a work of art.

Time goes by never to return. The splendour surrounding even the simplest Carmani item will capture for you those flitting moments of sheer happiness and pure joy that we so long for. Now these moments can be yours forever.