About Sagrado

When in the early 1960’s of the 20th century Luigi Sagrado was working on his first designs in Verona, he did not envisage that in the years to come he would set his own trend in modern applied arts or that his ideas would capture markets worldwide.

It came itself a little bit later. This brilliant Italian, surrounded by a group of designers from a local Art Academy, was, as it seems to be true for most men of genius, a restless spirit. It was hardly surprising then that Luigi Sagrado would leave his growing business on numerous occasions in the care of his apprentices and travel far and wide. Wherever he stayed a while longer, his designs attracted considerable interest. His artistic inspirations and an ardent affair with an English painter led him to Australia, where he settled down for good and began the most prolific period of his artistic career.

In this way the new company came into being. It combines the best tradition in the field of manufacture ceramics technology with uncompromising approach to modern stylistics and conservatist interior. It is not a chance that themes inspired by angels, elfs and fairyland appear in many Sagrado projects. This fairy world brings reflections and memories of childhood full of joy and happiness. This is the world which artist whishes for his customers.